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Chinese New Year DIY Craft Items on Jan 17,2018

Jan 17, 2018

Chinese Spring Festival DIY Craft--Felt Decoration for kids Crafts

Modern folk custom to celebrate the Spring Festival is called the New Year. In fact, the origin of the year and Spring Festival is very different.

So how did the year come about? There are two main theories: one is that in ancient times, there was a fierce monster called nian, which went from house to house, foraging for human flesh and killing animals. On the 30th evening of the twelfth month, "nian" came to a village, where two shepherd boys were playing the bullwhip. In the middle of the air, there was a loud crash. He rushed to another village, and then he saw a big red dress in front of his house. He did not know what it was, and he quickly turned and ran away. Then he came to a village, and looked at the door of a house, where the lights were blazing, and he was so dazzled that he slipped again with his tail between his legs. People have been able to touch the "year" for fear of sound, fear of red, fear of light weakness, then think of many ways to resist it, and gradually evolved into the custom of today's New Year.

Another theory is that the ancient Chinese word for "year" in the word "year", to show the wind and rain, wugu fengdeng. Because the corn is usually a year old. The year has been extended to the age of one.