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My Home Town-Dalian,a Beautiful Seaside City on Dec 27,2017

Dec 27, 2017

Dalian, not called the bincheng, the old name darlini, green mud, big lai (the meaning of the sea). Located at the southern tip of the liaodong peninsula, located in the yellow bohai sea, it is located in the hinterland of northeast China and is opposite the shandong peninsula. It is an important economic, trade, port, industrial and tourist city on the east coast of China.

Dalian has a long history. As early as 6000 years ago, the ancestors developed dalian and began to call dalian in 1899. During the first opium war and the second opium war, the British army invaded dalian. As the main battlefield of the sino-japanese war and the russo-japanese war, dalian suffered two great wars in the recent history, and was reduced to the Russian and Japanese colonies for nearly half a century.

Dalian is an excellent environment, with the "window of the northeast", "the pearl of the north" and the "capital of romance". It is the window of the northeast China's opening to the outside world and the largest port city. Successively obtained the international garden city, China's best tourism city, the national environmental protection model city and other honors.

Dalian is the host city of the world economic BBS (WEF) summer davos, with China's largest agricultural futures exchange and the world's second largest soybean futures market: the dalian Commodity Exchange. In June 2014, dalian jinpu new area, the tenth national new area of China, was established.