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New Year 2018 Dog Year on Jan 24,2018

Jan 24, 2018

New Year 2018 Dog Year

China Traditional Handwriting

The history of Chinese calligraphy has gone through a long process. 

Calligraphy is the unique writing art of the han nationality, although the self-consciousness of the calligraphy art has only occurred at the end of the eastern han dynasty. 

The formation of Chinese characters has gone through a long period of history. 

At present, the information about the original Chinese characters, which is recognized by the academic circles, is the earliest Chinese ancient Chinese character data, which is the oracle and jinwen of the middle and late shang dynasty (about 14 to 11 th century). 

From the late shang dynasty to the qin dynasty (221 BC), the general trend of the evolution of Chinese characters was from complexity to simplicity. This evolution is reflected in the transmutation of fonts and glyphs. In the late western zhou dynasty, jinwen tended to line up, and the development of the han folk grass in the warring states period had greatly weakened the hieroglyphics of the text. However, the art of calligraphy is enriched with the change of the book.