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Paper Cuttings Dog 2018 Year

Jan 19, 2018

2018 Marks dog year in China Calendar.




Year of dog, the Chinese zodiac year, one of the dogs in the twelve earthly branches, represented by 'xu-gou xu-gou month in a year is September, is a collection of season, at this point a piece of litter lonely mountains and is the scenery before winter. The direction is northwest by west, belong to dry palace. In a day, QuShi refers to at 7:00 p.m., it was night, the lights on.

The dog is a faithful friend of man and a companion of the common life in primitive society, which can protect the master. For dogs, as long as they are with humans, there will be food, a relationship that has not changed since ancient times. There are countless stories of dogs and people, and everyone can tell some touching stories about dogs. The famous 18 temple on the north coast of Taiwan is a dog that is dedicated to saving the owner. In the streets, dogs can also help blind people cross the road.